Style Collective is an online community that provides education, tools, resources and community support for female fashion & lifestyle influencers to connect, grow their following and reach long term goals. We are all about empowering women who want to use style to do what they love. But there is something important that you need to decide about your blog early on: Are you just looking for an outlet for fun and recreation? Or do you want to use your blog to create income and opportunity?

Is Your Blog a Hobby or Business? It’s Important to Decide. Here’s why:

Most style bloggers and influencers today want to make money and opportunity. Is this you? Do you want to make blogging your career choice?

Here’s the truth: like any other career or work you choose, you can’t take it lightly, be flippant, disorganized or unfocused. You can’t all of a sudden start to treat your blog as a business once you start generating income from it; you MUST take on this mindset from the very beginning. You have to work HARD to create and manage your content, service your readers and everything else that is involved.

If you’re wondering how to make the transition to blogging professionally, it starts with this above. And just like any other career path, you’ve got to have an end goal in mind. You also need a strategy to determine your path, the steps to take, adjustments to make and how you’ll continue to improve your skills and grow your work so that you can achieve your goals.

A lot of people start a blog and think it’ll take off if they post photos alone.

Not true. You don’t graduate high school and land in the career you want. You learn in college (or on your own), refine your skills and grow your experience through unpaid work and internships. Your first job in the field is often a lot of work – for very little money.  Style blogging is not any different if you’ve set your sights on it as your career choice.

Aside from it being your career choice, because you own your blog and you want to make money with it, it is also now your business and that makes you a business owner.

You’re not just choosing to do the job of writing and/or posting photos. You own the business that you’re using to do it. That requires an additional AND different mindset. You are a business owner and that makes you an entrepreneur.

Think about it: small businesses don’t just open their doors and people flock to them, either. And they certainly don’t start making money or profiting right away either.

As a business owner, you need to know that:

  1. You will need to build your business and grow those who frequent it – your readers. For bloggers, readers are customers.
  2. You’ve got to constantly provide good customer service and a product (your content) that meets their needs and gives them value.
  3. You also need to work to increase your customer base, market and sell your product just like any other business owner does.

Success in a career and success as a business owner takes time, focus, a plan, effort, and diligence. The same applies to your blog.

Apply this mindset, focus, mentality and approach to your style blogging effort at the start and you’ll immediately elevate an aspect of your work that can help your blog and business grow.

A lot of style bloggers today, including style bloggers who have gotten big attention and readership, make the mistake of not having a business and entrepreneur mindset. They think they’re “talent” who can ferry that to “agents” and “managers.” In reality, nobody is going to drive your success more than you and nobody should. Major celebrities don’t lounge back and let their “team” do the work and just show up for the job – they drive a huge part of the effort because if they did not, they would never get to where they are or stay there. Do not think for a minute your blog is going to succeed and continue to succeed without you at the helm.

Next Steps:

Begin today asking yourself what you want to do with your blog. If the answer is “make it a career,” you need to set your mindset accordingly. That’s the first step to transitioning from blogging for fun to blogging as your career choice. In the next few weeks, we’ll share more posts that outline the steps to take and the mindset you need to have to make blogging your career choice.

Download the newbie blogger quiz to find out what type of blogger you should be and what monetary goals you should set for yourself.


  1. Aly Geps

    I absolutely LOVE this post Annie, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about for the past couple weeks since I decided to dip my toe into the fashion blogging world.
    Frankly, the answer is that I still don’t know! I’m really struggling with making time to not only plan out my strategy, etc, but even just to get my blog fully up and running – I work full time, which I know isn’t saying much as most of you ladies do, but I really have always poured myself into my career and have been very successful at it (I’m 26 and have been making six figures for two years now), so balancing that time investment with finding time to blog has been SUPER difficult. Add to that that I’ve realized I need a legitimate photographer, a lot of help with my web design, and so much more, and I’m thinking maybe I’m just not cut out for this (beyond just being a hobby of course).
    Then I think about how competitive and ambitious I am, and how much I LOVE fashion and how much I love the sisterhood SC has come along with, and I think heck yeah I can do this!

    So anyhow, sorry for the stream of consciousness/rant there – but thanks for everything you do and share with us! xo

    1. Victoria G


      I am with you! Blogging is the most time consuming thing and requires a ton of effort – not that many people realize that going into it – I know I definitely didn’t! Making it into a business is something I am slowly, slowly trying to do! Wish I had a lot more time to dedicate to it, but a girl has to sleep sometime lol!

      Loved this article!


    2. Annie

      I am SO glad that we are having this conversation! It really is part of the struggle that all entrepreneurs go through when they are bootstrapping their business. There’s nothing wrong with working full time so you can keep the lights on and fund your venture(s). Just chip away at your goals every single day and eventually you will be SO close that you will just need to make the jump. You will go through what Seth Godin has coined as “the dip” BUT you will get through it. It takes hard work and dedication to start a business, but even more work to keep it GROWING and moving forward once it’s your full time job. Trust me when I tell you: being a full time entrepreneur is just as much work as balancing full time work & side hustle. I think going through that experience really teaches you discipline and prepares you for running your business full time. I hope that my insight helps you feel encouraged to keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Divinely Devin

    Annie, this is so great!

    It’s so important to have goals in anything in life, blogging included. I come across so many people who say to me “blogging is so easy – I totally want to do it and make money looking glamorous” but that’s only a very small portion of it (as we all know)! It’s a ton of effort and hard work and perseverance, and not everyone is cut out to do it as a business.

    Thanks so much for putting this out there, and for creating this amazing group! I’ve met so many wonderful ladies and I can’t wait to see where we all go in the future 🙂


  3. Tanya Salemme

    Great article and great advice Annie and ladies. It’s so important to be consistent. I find myself struggling with that because I have an actual brick and mortar job, if you will, and the struggle between creating your own business/brand and working for someone else’s can sometimes be muddled and all too daunting / exhausting. Trying to stand out in the crowd is hard too, but being consistent will help with it, I think! Thanks for sharing !!!

  4. Meaghan Gonzalez

    This is a great post Annie!! I’ve definitely decided to take it seriously, but the follow through is so difficult at times when I’m working 60 hrs a week and just want to unplug from life. I’m definitely not as far along as I would like with my blog, so thanks for the reminder to set some new goals in place and continue moving forward ( even if it’s a snail pace ha). Hope you’re well!

    Meaghan xx

  5. Emily Green

    Definitely agree with all that is said in this post! I have the right mindset, just get burned out trying to reach the goals I’ve set. I’d love to keep seeing posts that help get us there- Style Collective has been a huge help for that!

    1. Annie

      I will work on some time management tips of balancing full time work with full time business. I worked full time and went to business school full time for two years. Then a few months later I started my blog and then Style Collective while still working full time. I know that the struggle IS real! But I’ll work on this for you. Just keep it up and I’ll keep the articles coming! 🙂

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  7. Vanessa Moore

    This is really good information. One thing I don’t see much of is information for people using this as a hobby. Here’s my situation that I would like some feedback on in regards to how far I should take my blog:

    -I started the blog as a creative outlet
    -Once I started getting opportunities to work with local businesses and style photoshoots, I thought my blog could be a means of secondary income to help pay off my student loans or even to receive articles of clothing for free or at a discount that would also allow me to focus more on paying off debt vs spending my own money on new clothes etc
    -I can already tell I don’t want to be in corporate forever, and I’m still contemplating if I should stay with my current career and possibly switch gears here in a few years

    Either way, I want my blog to be a means for some extra cash and possible opportunities when I’m ready to make a career switch; however, I’m not sure if I want to have the blog be a business I own. If that’s the case, should I still be following the same path as denoted above?

    Any feedback on my whacked out rationale would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Annie

      Hi Vanessa! So it’s good that you started your blog as a creative outlet, but as soon as you start to generate income from it.. it’s technically a business. It doesn’t need to be a full time business, it can be a part time one! But it is a business. You should adapt this mindset across everything that you do.. your full time job, your part time job or maybe even a muse that you start! I think it’s a good mindset to have in general. If you are on top of it and very serious about brand work, then that will lead to lasting partnerships with those brands. Less work for you since you don’t have to find a new brand each time you want to generate some income. I think adapting this mindset will help take your blog to a level that you want in a shorter amount of time. It’s up to you how much you want to grow it or you can pump the brakes and ease back. There is definitely a new level of stress that comes when you start making money from brand partnerships, so if it gets to be too much, back off and go back to letting it be a creative outlet. There’s nothing wrong with doing both if that’s what you want to do. You can be intense when you want and you can be in hobby-mode when you want. That’s the beauty of being in control of it all! What do you think?

    2. Vanessa Moore

      Love this feedback Annie! It’s exactly what I was looking to hear – that it’s Ok to ease back when I need to. When I do have the time to form partnerships, I apply my day job experience and what I learn from the SC community to help those partnerships last. Even though I can’t see myself turning it into a full time business for a few years, the one thing that intimidates me the most is the financial documentation and tax stuff. Even if I’m part time do I need to document these things? Is it only if I receive a certain amount over the course of a year? The financial reporting part is definitely the area I’m most afraid to have grow to the point where I’m not sure what to do.

    3. Annie

      Yes it’s totally up to you and your goals! But yes, there does come that next level of owning a business, setting up an LLC and eventually filing taxes quarterly. You can definitely form an LLC in your state and then start deducing expenses towards your tax return. You are allowed to file a loss for a certain number of years before the IRS flags you. The tax code is complicated and there are certain strategies for deducing home office space and other expenses and a CPA will be able to help with that! I’m working with mine to put together some guidelines for everyone in the community. 🙂 But doing it part time isn’t as bad as when your business is your full time job.

  8. Jem Castor

    This is really great, Annie. Running a demanding full-time job automatically puts my blog as a hobby but eventually I want to focus on it as a business and by then hopefully it will get the traction it needs. Do you have any recommendation to anyone who has a full-time job but also look at their blog as a business?

    1. Annie

      Yes, Jem! I understand this all too well because I worked full time and went to business school (at the same time) full time for two years. I then started SC while working full time as well. I am focusing on writing more posts about time management, but the best tips are to literally look at every block of time during your day and how you are using it. Do you drive to work? Can you listen to a book or podcast to become a subject matter expert in your industry? Do you take the train? Can you use that time to plan or write content? Can you wake up 15 minutes earlier to work on your business? Instead of driving to the gym everyday, can you workout at home with a DVD 2x a week and save 30 mins of driving time? During your lunch break, can you go into a conference room to work on your business? Literally look for every opportunity that you could be multi-tasking or working on your business and make those substitutions gradually. You can ease into it so that it’s not such a shock. I used to wake up at 4:30am and go to bed at 10pm to fit in everything that I needed to do. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone, but I had to do it. Also, find friends and family that can help you with other things – like picking up groceries or managing household chores. You could literally pay someone $25 to pick up your groceries for you if you don’t have friends or family around. It’s a matter of shifting your schedule around and delegating things that take up your time. What do you think?

    2. Jem Castor

      Hi Annie! Wow, thank you so much for replying. I love your recommendations and it really helps. It is good to hear it from someone. It’s quite tricky for me since my job can be 24/hrs and not only 9-5. Same with the blogging but I do like the fact where I get more control over my time like you said and truly time management. Thank goodness for Google Calendar. I have three but I think I need to work on discipline for now. Sometimes I sleep at 3 am or 4 am and work at 7 am with my blog work and I’m not even doing so much.

      It makes sense what you are saying. Thanks again!

    3. Annie

      It always helps to talk to people who have been through these situations.. and it’s hard to find like minded-people! I still don’t think anyone will ever know what I went through to get those 3 letters. But wow, a job that is 24 hours.. I guess I would ask myself if I was truly happy doing that or if I need to pump the brakes to allow for some space for myself. How do your weekends look? Do you also need to work through the weekends? Is your job demanding during certain times of the year or is it all of the time? If it ebbs and flows, then you can capitalize on those times to build out your content or business plans. You need sleep! It’s not realistic to live on 3 hours of sleep all the time – take care of you mama!

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